30.1. Notes on Data, AI, and Agents

lecture panel 300118

The Magazine Volume invited for a panel discussion, January 31st bookspoepleplaces, Theater O-Ton-Art, Kulmer Str.20a.

Here are some keywords :)

media-mirror theory
self-description according to available tech
body, subject, society

contingent determinism
neither neccessary nor impossible

messy singularity
tech-human hybrids
from information layer to behavioural layer

social reputation systems
sesame credit
black mirror nosedive

collaborative behavioral filtering
beneficial inclusion
gamified interactions

matching, not markets
moneyless economy

data-driven uncomprehensible events
drone micro wars

-Money-for a non-monetary economy – excerpts

text 311217

The transmediale posted excerpts of my recent book online, with an english translation.

-Money- for a non-monetary economy

book text 311217

Given that the general purpose of any economy is to distribute goods or services, and to allocate work or, more generally speaking, activities, the era of money may soon come to an end. In a not so far future, the essential economic functions will be performed with the help of algorithms.

20.10. Budapest – Algorithmic Distribution

lecture 171017

at eaepe2017
For an Economy without Money.
The actual task of an economic system is to distribute goods or services, and to allocate work or tasks. Usually, this task is solved with the help of money as a medium. Eventually, algorithmic solutions may find far better solutions than markets and money. From the viewpoint of a media historian, the transition to a non-monetary society seems almost necessary. Based on the relation of the number of transactions to processable data volume, a media history of economic activity spans from premonetary notation systems to modern money (Graeber 2011), and can be projected into a future of non-monetary notation systems.

25.9. Collecting as Network Practice

lecture 250916

Times Museum, Guangzhou, China
Reciprocal Encounters. The Enactment of Collecting and its Modes of Representation
Slides of my Lecture

24.5. For an Economy without Money

lecture video 020616

Thoughts on Postmonetary Practices
Prague: tranzitdisplay. Video
Money might be a transitory thing. At least the history of media suggests that possibility. Since computers and networks are able to track and register all transactions, money is no longer the only medium that enables us to allocate and distribute resources.

Freeportism 2

text 070516

Freeportism as Style and Ideology: Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part II
To make the transmission from financial markets to artistic practices complete, an ideological framework was needed that supported the turn from discursive to material practices, from rituals of communication to objects and commodities, and from web-oriented and process-based artworks to shiny items provided in ample liquidity. The new brand of philosophical thinking called “speculative realism” offered itself as the ideology of freeportism and its associated modes of artistic production and circulation.

Freeportism as Style and Ideology

text 200316

Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part I
The Geneva Freeport can hold up to one million artworks. Recently its facilities had to be expanded due to increasing demand. The artworks end up in wooden transport boxes, stacked in rows on shelves in huge halls, where they sit and wait for their price to rise or fall, or to be shipped to an auction or to another freeport.

Review: Bojan Šarcevic at BQ, Berlin

review 130715

For this show, knowing too much before seeing may not be helpful, and may even spoil your viewing experience. Bojan Šarcevic is an artist who doesn’t like to wrap his art in too much information. Objects and works are supposed to stand for themselves. more on www.art-agenda.com

Review: Reena Spaulings at Galerie Neu

review 040315

a review published on Art-Agenda

2.10. Materialising the Immaterial

lecture 081014

Berlin. 2.10. a talk at the exhibition Helium (Flutgraben, Berlin) on invitation by Marie von Heyl und Rosemary Hogarth

The Art-Object, its modes of circulation, institutional constraints, temporalities of the museum and of the web, art as meta-culture

Missing Links – NetArt in Berlin

text 020514

Frieze.de #14 / 2014 deutsch und english

27.4. networks artworks – Brussels

lecture 250414

panel discussion at the Art Brussels. Sunday 27th of April, 2-3:30h.
with Franco Berardi, Melanie Gilligan, Warren Neidich, and John Roberts.

Technopolitics and Art Law

text 270314

on the work of Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud, in: Dominik Landwehr (Ed.):Political Interventions. Zürich: Merian, 2014, p. 152-161
Political Interventions, Zürich 2014

Semiotics of the Kitchen @ Stigter Van Doesburg

review 270314

a review for Art Agenda on the current show with Irene Fortuyn, Chiara Fumai, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Loes van der Horst, Tala Madani, Amalia Pica, Martha Rosler, Frances Stark, Lily van der Stokker, and Sue Tompkins at Stigter Van Doesburg, Amsterdam

21.3. Non-Money – Amsterdam

lecture text video 210314

At the Moneylab-Conference Ralph and I talk about Non-Money.
pdf: Heidenreich – 2014 – Non-Money

12.3. Art and Digital Culture – Dublin

lecture 040314

Short talk and discussion on Video, Art and Digital Culture with Maeve Connolly, Bjørn Melhus, and Saoirse Wall at the Irish Museum for Modern Art, from 6 to 8pm.

19.1. New Industries Konferenz, Dortmund

lecture 100114

die Konferenz Geld und Schulden in der postindustriellen Welt findet vom 16.1. bis 19.1. am HMKV statt, Ralph und ich sprechen am 19.1. um 11:30 über Schulden, Geldmärkte und Staaten

9.10. Media Materialism and the Logic of Links

lecture 170913

Lecture at the Conference Media after Kittler , London

Double Bound Economies @ Thomas Fischer

review 040813

a Review for Art-Agenda

In the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), freelance work was tolerated in just a handful of professions. Reinhard Mende was one of the few who worked as a freelance photographer and his career nearly spans the life of the GDR as a state. His independence might be the reason his vast body of work remains intact. While many institutional archives were abandoned or destroyed after the fall of the Wall, private collections had a better chance of survival.

Domanovic @ Tanya Leighton Gallery

review 060513

a review on Aleksandra Domanovic’s show “The Future Was at Her Fingertips” @ Tany Leighton Gallery

It was in 1843 that Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and a friend of Charles Babbage …

Kortrijk: What’s the Matter with Money?

lecture 220213

Talking at Budascoop in Kortrijk

Who can become the subject of which demands? Infrastructure, networked distribution and the coming ‘we’ : Inequality and maldistribution of work and goods mark our current state. The question is who could become the ‘we’ being able to demand a different system.

From Austerity to Post-Monetary

seminar 241012

tonight & tomorrow 7.30pm seminar at the public school on economy @ Archivebooks with Ralph


text 010412

McLuhan, Smithson and the Future of the Museum, in:
Robert Smithson: Art in Continual MovementRobert Smithson Art in Continual Movement
Edited by Ingrid Commandeur and Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee.
Out now!

Controlling the Network

reading 150511

In the light of recent claim of internet activities driving political events the question of how to control a network gained some importance. Controllability of Complex Networks

Was Minimalism Theoretical?

post 210411

discussed with Paolo at Bar3. In fact it is telling at what time and occasion references to philosphers pop up regularly in artist’s writings.

The debt machine

reading 190411

Two narratives at play, a good one and a bad one, sees Chris Martenson. The fact that states and banks will have to replace a lot of maturing debt soon plus China’s housing prices falling means we will face a non-happy turn soon.

Mikail Nabil: The Army and the People

reading 130411

The army and the people wasn’t ever one hand
Powers in transition. Long article with lot’s of videos at the end.

How to Write a Cable

reading 130411

Galbraith in Foreign Policy: Contrary to what Julian Assange might tell you, most ambassadors do not worry that the wrong people will read their cables, but that the right people won’t.

the (con)temporary collection

lecture 011210

Conference: Art Work. Accumulation. Availability

What Will Last? Some Thoughts On Duration In the Age Of Contemporaneity

text 251110

Mousse Magazine #26, p.228-230

Vision Possible

text 231110

Geert Lovink and Sabine Niederer (eds.): Video Vortex Reader 2

Steps toward Collaborative Video

text 031110

Oliver Grau et. al: Imagery in the 21st Century. MIT – Press, Cambridge (Mass.)

Money, Mind & Manipulation

lecture 290910

8.10 @ Graz. Steirischer Herbst
mit Ralph Heidenreich & Yann Moulier-Boutang

Asking google I will try to know who invented love and why

lecture 290910

Salon Populaire28.9., 20h

Make Time: Temporalities and Contemporary Art

text 290910

Manifesta Journal #9, p.69-79
out September 2010
Manifesta Journal 9 - Cover

More Money

book 091209

the first chapters (pdf. pp.7-11) of the book’s translation appeared in the Irish art magazine Printed Project

Art and Crisis

lecture 290509

09.07. Novi Sad

What is the Difference between Bills of Exchange and Credit Default Swaps?

lecture 290509

07.07. Novi Sad: Wealth of Nations Conference

Time-Vectors, Autorship, and Post-Production

lecture 230509

23.05. Split: Videovortex 4


article 210509

Domus Magazine. Mai 2009

When Files become Friends

article text 290409

Domus Magazin. April 2009

Systems Crash: The Financial System

lecture seminar 240309

24.03. WORM Rotterdam
25.03. Seminar Piet Zwart Institute

More Money: The Credit Consumer. Immaterial Labour and the Rise and Fall of the Middle Class

lecture 190109

30.01. Kolkata Bookfair / Max Mueller Bhavan / Goethe Institut

Steps towards collaborative video

lecture 141008

17.10. Blick im 21. Jahrhundert, Krems

United Nations Plaza comes to a close

review 011207

Artforum translated part of an article in taz

On Digitalability

text 080507


Youtube Fiction and Early Cinema

lecture 241006

Boston, MIT. Seminar Shaping Time, Regina Möller


text 231006

MIT Visual Arts Program, Cambridge USA, panel (pdf)
with Judith Berry, Roy Grundman, Joan Jonas, Constanze Ruhm

N.N., untitled

text 181006

Schirn-Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Catalogue Anonym

Object and Information. Serial Strategies in the Production of Information

text 260306

in: Serialize. Die Gestalten Verlag 2006, pp. 11-13

Not to do something

text 011005

Not a drop but the Fall. Künstlerhaus Bremen, Susanne Pfeffer. Catalogue Revolver-books

Shadows of the World in Art. Time, Name, Medium

text 010605

Swiss Pavillon. 51st Venice Biennal. Catalogue edited by Stefan Banz, p.21-30