25.9. Collecting as Network Practice

lecture 250916

Times Museum, Guangzhou, China
Reciprocal Encounters. The Enactment of Collecting and its Modes of Representation
Slides of my Lecture

Freeportism 2

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Freeportism as Style and Ideology: Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part II
To make the transmission from financial markets to artistic practices complete, an ideological framework was needed that supported the turn from discursive to material practices, from rituals of communication to objects and commodities, and from web-oriented and process-based artworks to shiny items provided in ample liquidity. The new brand of philosophical thinking called “speculative realism” offered itself as the ideology of freeportism and its associated modes of artistic production and circulation.

Freeportism as Style and Ideology

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Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part I
The Geneva Freeport can hold up to one million artworks. Recently its facilities had to be expanded due to increasing demand. The artworks end up in wooden transport boxes, stacked in rows on shelves in huge halls, where they sit and wait for their price to rise or fall, or to be shipped to an auction or to another freeport.

Review: Bojan Šarcevic at BQ, Berlin

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For this show, knowing too much before seeing may not be helpful, and may even spoil your viewing experience. Bojan Šarcevic is an artist who doesn’t like to wrap his art in too much information. Objects and works are supposed to stand for themselves. more on www.art-agenda.com

Review: Reena Spaulings at Galerie Neu

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a review published on Art-Agenda

6.2. Theory of Freedom

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Panel discussion at the Kunsthal Rotterdam, 17:30 – with Bjørn Melhus, Hedwig Fijen, Pascal Gielen und Joost de Bloois, and Liesbeth Levy

Der Ai WeiWei – Komplex

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in Texte zur Kunst zusammen mit Yuk Hui und Vera Tollmann

Im Vorfeld von Ai Weiweis kürzlich im Berliner Martin Gropius Bau zu sehenden Ausstellung „Evidence“ reiste der Anwalt und Sammler Peter Raue nach Beijing, um sich über das dort gegen den Künstler anhängige Gerichtsverfahren genauer zu informieren. Die Reise unternahm Raue im Auftrag der Berliner Initiative “Die Freunde Ai Weiweis”

3.6. – Kunst nach dem Netz – Köln

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Vortrag bei Intermedia, Uni Köln

Kunst nach dem Netz
Der Status von Objekten, die Rolle der Theorie, der Zugang zum Markt, die Praxis des Künstlers, die Ordnung der Zeit und die Orte der Aufmerksamkeit werden von Netzwerken verschoben. Die Veränderung folgt in der Regel zwei Phasen. Anfangs werden alte Verfahren übersetzt imitiert, dann erst entstehen neue Formate und neue künstlerische Praktiken.

Missing Links – NetArt in Berlin

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Frieze.de #14 / 2014 deutsch und english

27.4. networks artworks – Brussels

lecture 250414

panel discussion at the Art Brussels. Sunday 27th of April, 2-3:30h.
with Franco Berardi, Melanie Gilligan, Warren Neidich, and John Roberts.

Technopolitics and Art Law

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on the work of Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud, in: Dominik Landwehr (Ed.):Political Interventions. Zürich: Merian, 2014, p. 152-161
Political Interventions, Zürich 2014

Semiotics of the Kitchen @ Stigter Van Doesburg

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a review for Art Agenda on the current show with Irene Fortuyn, Chiara Fumai, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Loes van der Horst, Tala Madani, Amalia Pica, Martha Rosler, Frances Stark, Lily van der Stokker, and Sue Tompkins at Stigter Van Doesburg, Amsterdam

12.3. Art and Digital Culture – Dublin

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Short talk and discussion on Video, Art and Digital Culture with Maeve Connolly, Bjørn Melhus, and Saoirse Wall at the Irish Museum for Modern Art, from 6 to 8pm.

19.1. New Industries Konferenz, Dortmund

lecture 100114

die Konferenz Geld und Schulden in der postindustriellen Welt findet vom 16.1. bis 19.1. am HMKV statt, Ralph und ich sprechen am 19.1. um 11:30 über Schulden, Geldmärkte und Staaten

Double Bound Economies @ Thomas Fischer

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a Review for Art-Agenda

In the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), freelance work was tolerated in just a handful of professions. Reinhard Mende was one of the few who worked as a freelance photographer and his career nearly spans the life of the GDR as a state. His independence might be the reason his vast body of work remains intact. While many institutional archives were abandoned or destroyed after the fall of the Wall, private collections had a better chance of survival.

Domanovic @ Tanya Leighton Gallery

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a review on Aleksandra Domanovic’s show “The Future Was at Her Fingertips” @ Tany Leighton Gallery

It was in 1843 that Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and a friend of Charles Babbage …

zum Gallery Weekend

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Der Markt macht dicht. im Freitag vom 26.4.

Sammler aller Länder, vereinigt euch …

Kleinplanet Kunst im Konferenzmodus

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Artikel zum Auftakt der Former West – Konferenz im Freitag


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McLuhan, Smithson and the Future of the Museum, in:
Robert Smithson: Art in Continual MovementRobert Smithson Art in Continual Movement
Edited by Ingrid Commandeur and Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee.
Out now!

Was Minimalism Theoretical?

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discussed with Paolo at Bar3. In fact it is telling at what time and occasion references to philosphers pop up regularly in artist’s writings.