01.5. – Ole Bjerg: Making Money – Berlin

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At Archivebooks, most likely 7pm, I’m going to discuss with Ole Bjerg, CBS Copenhagen, his most recent book: Making Money: the Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism. Come, it’s going to be fun, great book!

Sparzwang und Zahlungsversprechen

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22.10. Vortrag und Diskussion mit Heinz Bude in der Schaubühne

Claudia Mareis: Design als Wissenskultur

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despite the clumsy title an excellent introduction into the various schools of design theory.

Matteo Pasquinelli: Network Surplus Value

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Machinic Capitalism and Network Surplus Value: Towards a Political Economy of the Turing Machine reads the full title of an essay that Matteo Pasquinelli put online as pdf.
We had long debates and I have my doubts about Marx’ concept of value in general (which to me looks like a smokescreen to introduce and hide a moral argument, which turns into an accusation by adding the word “surplus”). Anyway, Matteo’s paper gives an excellent introduction to the various attempts to translate the web-economy into Marxist terms (in my view, a futile undertaking, but however – well explained here).

It is time to move from the white cube of digital creativity and dig deep into the black box of network surplus value and the algorithms designed for the capture of the common.

No doubt, but I wonder if the marxist black and white scheme of exploiters and exploited, of capture and surplus is not simplifying things a bit too much.

Christopher Newfield: Devolving public universities

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Radical Philosophy. On the downgrading cycle of American higher education.

David Graeber: Debt. The first 5000 years

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great book. not first money then credit. but first credit then money (used to finance wars…)

Michael Lewis: Liar’s Poker

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how to become a banker, a view from inside. Made me think about novels in general. The invented story vs. the first hand account. The later comes with general access to writing. Whilst the professional author is a creature of the book market.

Controlling the Network

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In the light of recent claim of internet activities driving political events the question of how to control a network gained some importance. Controllability of Complex Networks

Bildakt, Kunst- oder Bildtheorie

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Bilder sind nicht Dulder, sondern Erzeuger von wahrnehmungsbezogenen Erfahrungen und Handlungen,

schreibt Horst Bredekamp in seinem eben erschienen Werk Theorie des Bildakts (326).

The problem in the first place

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What Malcom Gladwell writes on technological innovation and problems in the first place is naive:

The lesson here is that just because innovations in communications technology happen does not mean that they matter;

Warten auf politische Literatur

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mit Frank Schirrmacher. Erst politisch, dann experimentell (ein Stück der Moderne kann man gut als Hermetik und Eskapismus lesen), ist die deutsche Literatur heute auf den heimeligen und vergangenheits-schweren Möchtegern-Seller als Wunschmodell gekommen.

Party-Politics as Theatre

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we miss what’s really going on by focusing on the show of elections and the competition between parties. This is the theatre of electoral politics…

Ökonomische und politische Krise

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David Harvey (The Enigma of Capital 217) sieht zwischen politischen Auswirkungen und ökonomischer Krise eine Lücke von 3 bis 4 Jahren.

The debt machine

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Two narratives at play, a good one and a bad one, sees Chris Martenson. The fact that states and banks will have to replace a lot of maturing debt soon plus China’s housing prices falling means we will face a non-happy turn soon.

A Modest Proposal for the G-20

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John Stiglitz schlägt vor, die alten Sonderziehungsrechte als Währungsbasis wieder einzuführen. Zweischneidig. Damit könnte gerade ein Fundament in die globale Ökonomie eingezogen werden, das es den Leitwährung erlaubt, Schulden weg zu inflationieren und gleichzeitig die großen Vermögen abzusichern.

Mikail Nabil: The Army and the People

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The army and the people wasn’t ever one hand
Powers in transition. Long article with lot’s of videos at the end.

Tool Being and Media Theory

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Graham Harman: Tool Being. To figure out if object oriented philosophy may be linked to object-oriented programming (which would ground it in contemporary practices) and if the materialist approach of German media theory may be linked with speculative realism.

How to Write a Cable

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Galbraith in Foreign Policy: Contrary to what Julian Assange might tell you, most ambassadors do not worry that the wrong people will read their cables, but that the right people won’t.

Verband ohne Netzwerk

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Max Weber hat den Verband noch ohne Netzwerk gedacht, hierarchisch, mit einer Spitze.