30.1. Notes on Data, AI, and Agents

The Magazine Volume invited for a panel discussion, January 31st bookspoepleplaces,


-Money-for a non-monetary economy – excerpts

The transmediale posted excerpts of my recent book online, with an english translation.


20.10. Budapest – Algorithmic Distribution

at eaepe2017 For an Economy without Money. The actual task of an economic system is to distribute goods or services, and to allocate work or tasks. Usually, this task is solved with the help of money as a medium. Eventually, algorithmic solutions may find far better solutions than markets and money. From the viewpoint of […]


against curating

an extended translation of my article in “Die Zeit”, first published at tripleampersand.org/against-curating/ Curating is undemocratic, authoritarian, opaque and corruptible. Without giving reasons, without discussion, curators choose their artists and decide where and how to show which kind of work. How is it that in the world of art where so much emphasis is placed […]


25.9. Collecting as Network Practice

Times Museum, Guangzhou, China Reciprocal Encounters. The Enactment of Collecting and its Modes of Representation Slides of my Lecture


24.5. For an Economy without Money

Thoughts on Postmonetary Practices Prague: tranzitdisplay. Video Money might be a transitory thing. At least the history of media suggests that possibility. Since computers and networks are able to track and register all transactions, money is no longer the only medium that enables us to allocate and distribute resources.


Freeportism, part 2

Freeportism as Style and Ideology: Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part II To make the transmission from financial markets to artistic practices complete, an ideological framework was needed that supported the turn from discursive to material practices, from rituals of communication to objects and commodities, and from web-oriented and process-based artworks to shiny items provided in […]


Freeportism, part 1

Post-Internet and Speculative Realism, Part I The Geneva Freeport can hold up to one million artworks. Recently its facilities had to be expanded due to increasing demand. The artworks end up in wooden transport boxes, stacked in rows on shelves in huge halls, where they sit and wait for their price to rise or fall, […]


Review: Bojan Šarcevic at BQ, Berlin

For this show, knowing too much before seeing may not be helpful, and may even spoil your viewing experience. Bojan Šarcevic is an artist who doesn’t like to wrap his art in too much information. Objects and works are supposed to stand for themselves. more on www.art-agenda.com


Review: Reena Spaulings at Galerie Neu

a review published on Art-Agenda


2.10. Materialising the Immaterial

Berlin. 2.10. a talk at the exhibition Helium (Flutgraben, Berlin) on invitation by Marie von Heyl und Rosemary Hogarth The Art-Object, its modes of circulation, institutional constraints, temporalities of the museum and of the web, art as meta-culture


Missing Links – NetArt in Berlin

Frieze.de #14 / 2014 deutsch und english

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