Asking google I will try to know who invented love and why


Salon Populaire28.9., 20h
actually i don’t know who did it. that’s why i will ask google. and let’s see what answer google will give.

for example, google doesn’t know your poem. it says:
No results found for “how i long and do not long, love and love not, how this feeling is bitter sweet”. but all sappho’s poems are online. if this line was anywhere close to exist out there, google would have found it. so i am afraid it is an invention of yours.

but even if she would have said so, your answer would be utterly naive. how did she say it in greek. and who translated it as love? and when? (i do not deny that that emotion is and ever was there. no need to be invented. and that sex was and is always, and is connected to passions. but that complex expression, that we now call love and use in phrases like “i love you”, or “make love” .. i’d say it’s a modern invention. around 1750, maybe. or later. richardson. i would say. romantic novels. that’s why we call it ‘a romantic feeling’. love had to solve the problem of making the newly invented subject to connect sex, the institution of marriage, the passions and the freedom of choice. )

but that would be my answer. i don’t know what google says. it comes up with 111,000 answers in 0,19 seconds. and i am not yet through with reading them.
plus: you did not get the point that i want google to answer it. not you. not me either. i just want google’s answer.

so ..
i should clarify the title:

I will ask google who invented love and why.
but actually

Asking google I will try to know who invented love and why.

is much more poetic, has a rhythm. so we should keep that.
maybe i should make all my speech in trochees.