After Scarcity


at ECSA, Haus der Statistik Berlin, 20h, with Eric Bordeleau.
SCREENING + DISCUSSION around “After Scarcity” (Bahar Noorizadeh, 2019) with Stefan Heidenreich and Economic Space Agency.

For many of us, computer technology seems almost inseparable from the corporate hypercapitalism of Silicon Valley. In “After Scarcity”, Bahar Noorizadeh explores the soviet cybernetic past in search of our possible post-neoliberal future. “How might we use computation to get us out of our current state of digital feudalism and towards new possible utopias? Afterall, what would Vladimir “socialism is electricity plus statistic” Lenin have to say about blockchain?”

This fascinating 30 min. sci-fi essay film will act as a free indirect entry point for a wider discussion around the disruptive potential of crypto- and cyber-economies. Including: Stefan Heidenreich’s recent work around a non-money economy partly based on algorithmic matching formulas, and ECSA’s general proposal to build a financial and computational infrastructure for post-hayekian economy.