Technical Media Theory and the Web

unfinished 241011

Last week, I was asked what Technical Media Theory, following the approach of Kittler, would have to say about the web. I will try to formulate a series of short thoughts on the issue.
1 misuse of military infrastructure
2 there is (no) software
3 overloading the physical link
4 a medium is not a tool
5 functional monopolies
6 the link replaces the sign

0.1 the technical apriori
0.2 (against) technical determinism
0.3 history and the origins
0.4 why not German Media Theory
0.5 why was the web (wrongly) never a big topic?

2.1 convergence and the end of media
2.2 technical and speculative materialism
2.2 economy and computing
2.3 politics and decision-making
2.4 media, imagined comunities, no society