Some Basics

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The objective of this series of posts is to figure out some fundamentals for a theoretical approach that links a discoursive theory of technical media (Kittler, Foucault, McLuhan) with realist philosophy (Harman, Meillassoux, Latour), basic terms related to programming and the web (relation, link, object), and a political position towards economy (Steve Keen, Heidenreich) The urge to turn to the basics comes with the obligation to too many texts to write, on too many different topics. My fault, I should have rejected some offers, but actually I like to think and write about diverse questions … presence, paolo’s phenomenological theory of painting, the archive, the singularity of a single sale, figures of the public, against representation … The imminent danger is to loose ground and to just end up in a constant stream of output without center and direction.
So there will be some basic terms, some books and statements discussed and commented on, some questions answered. Ideally all that could up to another book, but for the time being I try to keep it a series of posts, some of them in (bad) English, some in German.